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BestIELTS.com aims to be the best IELTS resource on the internet. The best IELTS teachers can use the resources on BestIELTS.com to help students obtain the best IELTS results in the Cambridge IELTS examination. Thank you for visiting the Best IELTS website. From September 2011, the Best IELTS website will be changing - Best IELTS will be even better! Please feel free to contact BestIELTS.com at any time if you have any comments or questions about the Cambridge IELTS examination.
myth / mɪθ /  [noun, countable]: "Something which a large number of people believe, but which is actually untrue". There are so many incredible myths about the IELTS examination! This Best IELTS article explores many of the things you may have heard about the IELTS examination but which are simply not true! To get the best IELTS band score, you need to know the truth! BestIELTS.com has received so many questions asking "Is it true that...?" that we now present the BestIELTS.com guide to IELTS myths!

Best IELTS - September Relaunch
The Best IELTS website is changing from September. For the 2011-2012 UK Academic Year, Best IELTS will be even better! You will still find the Best IELTS tips on the internet, but new Best IELTS Practice Tests will go online too.

In late September, the first Best IELTS test will be available for download. There will be a complete Reading and Writing test from Best IELTS. From then, a new Best IELTS test will be posted approximately once a month. As each Best IELTS test is published, the answer key to the previous Best IELTS Reading Test will be made available. You will also find a range of answers to the previous Best IELTS Writing Test with band scores. If you read the BestIELTS Blog you will find out when the next Best IELTS tests are available.

The Best IELTS tests are written by teachers with vast experience of teaching the Best IELTS methods and examining IELTS candidates. This ensures that the Best IELTS tests are of the highest quality - they really will be the very best IELTS tests anywhere on the internet. If you are interested in these exclusive Best IELTS Practice Tests, please email BestIELTS.com and we will inform you as soon as the first Best IELTS tests are available.

From January, Best IELTS Listening Tests will be available. These Best IELTS tests are currently being developed and when they have been piloted by Best IELTS teachers, they will be launched here on BestIELTS.com

BestIELTS.com offers a step-by-step guide to writing the best IELTS Writing Task 1 reports. This is based on the best IELTS lessons given both in the UK and overseas, which have helped a large number of students gain their best IELTS band scores. Countless students dread the IELTS Writing Task 1, which requires the candidate to describe a graphical representation of a data set. Our IELTS Writing Task 1 articles should remove the fear and help you write the very best IELTS Writing Task 1 answers!

If you are taking the IELTS examination very soon, you are probably afraid of not getting the best IELTS result you can. It is a common feeling - Could you have studied a little bit harder and prepared a little more thoroughly? If you recognise that feeling, our BestIELTS.com SOS IELTS Emergency! section is probably for you. Written by an experienced IELTS examiner, this exclusive Best IELTS article gives you last-minute tips to get those few extra marks to turn a good IELTS result into the best IELTS result!

The IELTS Writing Task 2 is something of an enigma. Most prospective candidates can tell you how to get the best IELTS mark! "Introduction, body of essay, conclusion," they invariably chorus if asked. Actually fashioning an essay that adequately argues a point within the prescribed structure proves an altogether more formidable task. Do you find getting the best IELTS marks on your Writing Task 2 essays difficult? Would you like to improve and get the best IELTS band score possible? If so, the BestIELTS.com IELTS Writing Task 2 section will help! It explains in detail how to structure your response and get the best IELTS band score on various IELTS Writing Task 2 questions. The very best IELTS writing style is shown with clear examples throughout.
Just how many words do you have to know to be confident of achieving the best IELTS band score? What does knowing a word really mean? This fascinating BestIELTS.com article reveals the secrets of Vocabulary for IELTS. It answers questions such as: Which dictionaries are best for IELTS students? How can I improve my own Active Vocabulary? How do I know if a particular word is important for IELTS or not? Which words should I use to get the best IELTS band?

So many students think they miss their best IELTS score because of their grammar. It is true that students with the best grammar often achieve the best IELTS scores. Poor grammar, though is not the main reason students miss the best IELTS scores. Our BestIELTS.com English Grammar for IELTS section helps you to clarify what you need to know to get the best IELTS band scores. The English Grammar required to get the best IELTS results is a lot simpler than you think!

Candidates who feel they have not given their best IELTS performance on the IELTS Reading Test often give same reason: "I didn't have enough time for Reading Text 3, so I just guessed the answers." Reading almost 3000 words of academic prose, tackling forty questions and then transcribing your answers onto an answer sheet is, after all, a pretty daunting task. A few simple techniques can vastly increase an individual's reading speed and help gain that best IELTS result! You can learn most of them in our IELTS Reading Strategies section. You will also find lots of useful information on deducing meaning and predicting from a text itself what kind of questions you are likely to be asked. These strategies guide you towards your best IELTS performance!
If you are not studying in an English-speaking country, you may find it difficult locating the best IELTS materials to practise your IELTS Listening Skills. If you are studying in the UK or Australia, you face the opposite problem: how do you know what is useful to listen to to get the best IELTS practice and what is not? This series of BestIELTS.com articles points you towards the very best sources to use in preparing for the best IELTS Listening Examination score. In our Listening Tips for IELTS section, you should be prepared for some surprises.

Useful IELTS Listening Practice can be available in some unlikely places. You just need to know where to look - or rather, where to Listen to get the best IELTS listening practice!

The IELTS speaking test is easy, isn't it? If you have fallen into the trap of believing that, think again. The biggest mistake that IELTS candidates make is in underestimating the IELTS Speaking Test. It is easily done, especially if you are studying in an English-speaking country. Even the best IELTS students frequently believe that their "good" speaking skills will compensate for a weakness in another section of the IELTS examination. Often they are genuinely surprised when their IELTS certificate reveals that their Speaking was not their best IELTS skill, but sometimes worse - than their performance in other areas.

The BestIELTS.com IELTS Speaking Test Tips section will help you eliminate overconfidence. By preparing thoroughly to achieve your best IELTS band score on the IELTS Speaking Test, just as you do for the other sections, you will find that the IELTS Speaking Test really can be easy!

BestIELTS.com aims to be the best IELTS resource on the internet. The best IELTS teachers can use the resources on BestIELTS.com to help students obtain the best IELTS results in the Cambridge IELTS examination. Thank you for visiting the Best IELTS website.
If you have already taken another English Language examination, the Cambridge First Certificate, for example, you are probably curious as to how your best IELTS performance might compare. Whilst every examination is different, testing a particular range of skills for a specific purpose, there are some conclusions that can be drawn. The BestIELTS.com Examination Comparison feature is packed with lots of useful information. How does the best TOEFL score compare with the best IELTS band score? Should I take the TOEIC test or would one of the BEC or LCCI examinations serve my interests better? The answers are here.

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